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celesatia luna : PALADIN guide


This guide was made for the people that wanna be on the Defensive side of work
the path will ALLOW you to recieve 1hit damage from mobs and most likely 1hit damage in PVP depending on your equipment
If you have Question about the path please say it in the forum

Please know that you are gonna be doing alot of work into making the Best tanker out there
you will need high defense and Health to be #1

Ok lets start of with making the Tank guide team

Q.What should be my stat build
A. Go Pure VIT , oh ya and also GO PURE VIT

Q. What should my Stats on my Equipment should have Produce ? Reinforce ? Philosopher ?
A. Produce = Vit . Reinforce = Vit , Philosopher= Vit or Str

Q. What Class should i choose elf or human
A.Hmmm I am gonna keep it short and simple

GO human for higher physical attack
GO Elf for more defense

Q. What job path should I choose??
A.Person i think this is the path you should follow


Q. Why should i go Knight instead of phalanx ?
A. Reason why you should go Knight instead of phalanx because knights get this skill called Divine Justice that increase your HP recovery rate by alot 300HP every 4 seconds something like that and plus you get a 1% attack bonus and you also get you Solid weapon and Sword Storm (AOE) those 2 skills will allow you to train by yourself

NOTE: That you will need a Training partner and you will need to DD alot if you want to LVL up this tank
You will probably stop needing a DD partner or a training partner when you become a knight

Fighter Job [Level 1-19]

Active skills to max

1.Fighter Heart (if you are human )
2. Burning Rage ( if you are human )
3.Nature shield ( If you are a elf)

Passive skills to max

1.Enhanced HP
2.Mace training
3.Mace protection

Q.Why should i raise 1h / 2h training ?
A. because you are gonna be Pure Tanker right ? you need to rely on your Defense and HP more
Note: If you don't max out any of the skills i provided you you will max them out in your next job advancement

Guard [level 20-39]

Attack :0%
Defense :1%
Accuracy: 0
Critical : 0
Max HP : 1%

Active skills to max

1.Blessing guard
2.Nature shield ( if you are a elf )
3.Fighter Heart ((optional , pretty useful if you have/Don't have a training partner )
4.Blunt shield (optional if you are fighting against bosses and such )
5.Blood leak

Passive skills to max

1.Heavy armor expertise ( important )
2.Enhanced HP
3.Mace training
4.Mace protection

Q. Why shouldn't I max out Shield Training , Bloody sky , Light armor expertise ??
A.Because Shield training is bugged , bloody sky well you are gonna be a pure tank so you really don't need that and light armor expertise lol Heavy armor gives you more defense and more defense = IMPORTANT

Note: if you can't max all the skill from above no problem you can raise them up in your scout path because you are gonna need to raise them up sooner or later so don't worry about it

Infantry [level 40-74]

Attack :0%
Defense :3%
Accuracy: 0
Critical : 0
Max HP : 3%

Active skills to max
1.Attract Circle
2.Blunt shield ( for bossing )
3.Shield Barrier ( to triple your defense and attack )
4.Nature shield ( if you are a elf )
5. Lace ( if you are human )
6. Nature Mind ( if you are a elf )

Note: Do not Raise up Solid Shield because thats a bugged skill and also don't raise up Heal you don't need to raise it if you are tanking , and also don't raise up Holy avenger cause you want to have the max hp you can have if you are tanking

Passive Skills to max

1.Enhanced Hp
2.Heavy armor expertise
3. Mace protection
4.Mace training
5. Blood leak
6.Magic barrier

Knight [level 75-104]

Attack :1%
Defense :6%
Accuracy: 0
Critical : 0
Max HP : 6%

Active skills to max

1.Solid Weapon
2.Divine Justice
3.Blessing Guard
4.Sword Storm ( good if you are tanking by yourself )
5.Shield Barrier
6.Nature Mind ( if you are elf )
7.Nature Shield ( if you are elf )
8.lace ( if you are a human )
9.Blunt shield ( for bossing in a party)

Passive skills to max

1.Enhanced HP
2.Heavy armor expertise
3.Blood leak
4.Mace training
5.Mace protection
6.Magic barrier

Note: Sword storm is a good skill to have because you will need it to lvl from 75+ and its one of the main AOE skill and its useful when you have like 10+ mobs on you and you are getting hit with 1's , Solid Weapon , fighter heart and burning rage will increase your physical attack power making you a strong tank well a strong pure vit tanker.

Ok if you had follow my guide right you should have incredible high attack and defense for a tanker and trust me being a tanker is important and if you have the patience , the time , you will be the best tanker ever

NOTE: Have Fun with this guide , if you have any questions , concerns about the guide tell me , and also you might need a skill reset if you did the guide wrong (always have 1 of those)

Paladin [level 105-125]

Attack :1%
Defense :10%
Accuracy: 0
Critical : 0
Max HP : 15%

Active skills to max

1.Attract circle ( Make this lvl 20 , its bugged after lvl 20)
2.Shield Barrier
3.Blessing Guard
4.Burning rage ( if you are human )
5. Lace ( if you are human )
6.Nature shield ( if you are Elf )
7. Nature Mind ( if you are a elf )
8. Divine Justice
9. Solid Weapon
10. Sword Storm
11. Blunt Shield

Passive skills to max
2. Magic Barrier
3.Mace protection
4. Mace training
5.Heavy Armor Expertise
6.Blood Leak
7. Enhanced hp

NOTE: Don't Need to raise up Saint Heal, Invulnerable and Rage Sword. Those are paladin skills that you will not need and they aren't really important skills to raise up and raising them are jut a waste of SP trust me

Q . What are the shield skills I shouldn't raise and why?
A . The skills you shouldn't raise are Shield training, Solid Shield and Iron Shield those skills are bugged like really they are and raising them are pointless and you will be wasting SP

Q.Where should I level from lvl 20 onwards?

A.The leveling spot are:

(you will be DDing most of the time just to let you know )

Level 20-40 = Tarintus, Moon Blind Forest.

Level 40-75 = Mont Blanc Port, Dryed Gazell Fall, howling cave 2f

Level 75-105 = Howling Cave 2F, Ghost Swamp Valley, Naila Harbor.

Q.Who should I talk to for job change?

A.Well here is a list how to change from Guard> Paladin:

1.Guard: Wiff in Alker harbor
2. infantry :Wiff in Alker Harbor
3.Knight: Heromech in Red Orc Outpost
4. Paladin: Sage in Naila Harbor

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