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celestialuna jobguide : destroyer


Okay First of all you must follow this path:

Fighter > Warrior > Mercenary > Knight > Destroyer

1. Warrior : Wiff in Alker Harbor.
2. Mercenary : Wiff in Alker Harbor.
3. Knight : Heromech in Red Orc Outpost.
4. Destroyer : Sage in Naila Village.

IMPORTANT! Put all the stats to VITALITY if you wan power leveling FAST.

This is the difference between Mercenary and Swordman:

Swordman = 18Strike+
Mercenary = 10% Physical Attack+
When u get high level u dont need that 18strike its much better 10% Physical Attack.
And u wont have Spirit Sword = Sleep Skill, If you go mercenary.


I recommend you to use Costumes with [5/5] Effect that gives 3% physical defense and 138 movement speed,
Like School Time Safety with Phixus Cape or Shinigami set [4/4] effects with 5% critical rate damage, 3% physical defense and movement speed with Pumpkin Head (Jack Oh Latern) or any thing u wan.

Till you get between 3.5k ~ 3.8k Physical Defense wear set effects costumes and once u have High defense you can use Black Widow Leader Suit.

Head Costume = Angry Green Lizard 5% Physical Defense and 10 STR or Critical Slime (Only if you can tank)
Glasses = Any glass with 5STR and 5VIT from item mall.
Use SunFlower (from item mall). The equipment that goes below the weapon.

PET (This is important dont Jump this step)
Buy a pet at alker from merchant any colour it deosnt matter, and train it killing monsters.
You will need a pet Lv. 80+ for pet supports.
Go to naila village > Talk to npc "Serie" and buy evolve pills for pet magic support type. It evolves at 20, 50 and 80.
And also u have to buy 6 "Shield" skills and put all of them to the pet, it stacks. So you will have pet shield buff Lv. 6, it adds around 300 physical defense more ! Its very usefull.

Lv. 1 ~ 75 = Crafted Armors or if you are lazy just buy from NPC and do it +7 everything.
Use Any Two Handed Axe.
(You can buy at zakandia or naila village)

Lv. 80 ~ 104 = Try to buy "Seven Guardian Armor sets" It adds 5% Physical Defense.
Kimball Axe Lv. 83 one, or crafted One with STR or VIT it doesnt matter.
(The Seven Guardian Armor sets I think you can craft with karat diamonds)

Lv. 105+ = Holy iron Sets Armor, Glove, Boots, Living Necklace, Hathors, Fleckring, Flame ring.
Holy iron Armor = crafted with VIT + reinforce VIT
Holy iron Glove = Reinforce STR
Holy iron Boots = Reinforce VIT or Movement speed Its up to u.
Living necklace = Reinforce HP
Rings = 2 Hathors with VIT (2 hathors does the 2/2 Effect) + reinforce HP Recovery or MP
Earrings = Flickering Earrings. + reinforce HP Recovery or MP
Belt = Lv. 72 belt called Flame Ring that adds +5 stats to All.
Golden Axe = Reinforce with Critical Rate 100+
Helmet = Kynee is Okay.
All Philosoper Stats its UP TO YOU !


Fighter Lv. 01 ~ 19.
1. Fighter Heart's [Max]
2. Uppercut [Max]
3. Crash Blow [Max]
4. Burning Rage [Max]
5. Enhanced HP [Max]
6. Two Handed Training [Max]
7. Axe Training [Max]

Warrior Lv. 20 ~ 39
1. Fighter Heart's [Max]
2. Warrior Form [Max]
3. Risk Taker [Max] (You must to relog to have Permanent additional Physical Attack)
4. Two Handed Training [Max]
5. Crash Blow [Max]
6. Uppercut [Max]
7. Axe Training [Max]
8. Wheel Wind [Lv. 1]

Mercenary Lv. 40 ~ 74
1. Fighter Heart's [Max]
2. Warrior Form [Max]
3. Crash Blow > Burning Crash [Max]
4. Uppercut > Earthquake [Max]
5. Blazing Body [Lv. 1]
6. Risk Taker [Max]
7. Rage Burst [Max]
8. Two Handed Training [Max]
9. Axe Training [Max]

Knight Lv. 75~104
1. Heavy Armor Expertise [Max]
2. Blessing Guard [Max]
3. Attract Circle [Lv. 1]
4. Solid Weapon [Max]
5. Sword Storm [Lv. 1]
6. Armor Synchro [Max]
7. Weapon Synchro [Max]

You will have: "Attract Circle Lv.1" / "Wheel Wind Lv.1" / "Sword Storm Lv.1" / "Blazing Body Lv.1" / "Earthquake"
with this 4 AoE (Area of Effect) Skills you can lure mobs with attract circle > and since u are full VIT you will be avaiable to tank and Kill with AoE Skills. And Always remember to use PET BUFFS !

Destroyer Lv. 105 ~ 125
1. Fighter Heart's [Max]
2. Warrior Form [Max]
3. Risk Taker [Max]
4. Fatal Force [Max]
5. Rage Burst [Max]
6. Earthquake [Lv. 20] (IMPORTANT! If you learn more than lvl 20 ur skill will get bugged and u cant use this skill)
7. Two Handed Training [Max]
8. Axe Training [Max]
9. Axe Mortality [Max]
10. Heavy Weapon Accuracy [Max]

Max those skills in the order listed above if you wan fast leveling. (This is my build about Destroyer).
As i know Destroyer's job is the only job that even if you get to 125 you still cant max all the skills that you need,
thats why I didnt put "Fearful Blow" or "Burning Crash [Max]" because remember this is Fast leveling build not
a real powerful and great damager Destroyer.


Lv. 01 ~ 19 = Gate Of Alker / Ruins of Draconian
Lv. 20 ~ 39 = Tarintus / Moon Blind Forest
Lv. 40 ~ 74 = Mont Blanc Port / The way to the howling ravine / Dryed Gazell Fall
Lv. 75 ~ 110 = Howling Cave 2F / Ghost Swamp Valley / Naila harbor
[Remember that you can lure monsters and kill with AoE Skills]

Howling Cave 2F Lv. 75+
Howling Cave 2F Physical Defense Needed = 1500

Ghost Swamp valley Lv. 89+
Ghost Swamp Valley Physical Defense Needed = Unknown (I will update it as soon as possible)

Naila Harbor Lv. 99 ~ 110
Naila Harbor Physical Defense Needed = 2800
Lv. 111 ~ 125 = Grave of the Knights.
Grave of the Knights Physical Defense Needed = 3800

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