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celestia luna : Arc ranger guide


Hye all......this is the second guide...
Since the forums is also wiped out..maybe some new players missed the past Arch Rangers guide..so i think,ill make 1 for u

The path that i suggest you to take is:
Rogue lvl 1-19
Voyager lvl 20-39
Archer lvl 40-74
Rune Walker lvl 75-104
Arch Ranger lvl 105-125

The skills that u must take on the job paths is:
Rouge (lvl 1-19)
Active Skills:
max Power Shot (lvl 5)

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 1)

max Blindside (lvl 1)
max Death Sign (lvl 1)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 2)
max Light Evasion (lvl 2)
max Bow Training (lvl 5)
max Long Shot (lvl 1)

(U can max all this at lvl 18)

Voyager lvl 20-39
Active skills:
max Power Shot (lvl 10) <~ur main skill until lvl 75

Buffs and Self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 2)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 2)

max Light Evasion (lvl 4)
max Death Sign (lvl 2)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 4)
max Bow Training (lvl 10)
max Long Shot (lvl 2)

(U can max this at lvl 36)

Archer lvl 40-74
Active Skills:
max Power Shot>Double Shot (lvl 5 Double Shot/lvl 15 Power Shot)

Buffs and Self Buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 4)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 4)

max Light Evasion (lvl 6)
max Long Shot (lvl 5)
max Death Sign (lvl 4)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 6)
max Bow Training (lvl 15)

(U can max this all around lvl 54)

Rune Walker lvl 75-104
Active Skills:
(Remain Double Shot at lvl 5/lvl 15 Power Shot)
max Fire Arrow (lvl 10)
max Illusion Attack (lvl 20)
max Casting Foil (lvl 2)

Buffs and Self Buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 5)
max Side Step (lvl 6)
max Whispering Wind (lvl 6)
max Whispering Fire (lvl 6)
max Whispering Stream (lvl 2)
max Detect Hole (lvl 4)

max Blindside (lvl 5)
max Death Sign (lvl 5)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 7)
max Light Evasion (lvl 7)
max Bow Training (lvl 15)

(U can max this at around lvl 96)

Arch Ranger lvl 105-125 (U will get 2 main attack skill at this job,but u can only choose 1 either of these 2~>Double Shot/Magic Arrow,if u choose magic arrow,use Skill Reset Scroll,if u prefer to use Double Shot as ur main attack,u dont need the skill reset scroll)

Active Skills:
max Double Shot (lvl 15/lvl 25 Power Shot)
max Magic Arrow (lvl 5)
max Fire Arrow (lvl 25)
max Smoldering Shot (lvl 5)
Learn Rapid Arrow (lvl 22)

Buffs and self buffs:
max Zephyr (lvl 8)
max Fast Reload (lvl 4)
max Fatal Touch (lvl 8)
(And all the buffs that had been dissapeared if u resetted ur skill)

max Death Sign (lvl 8)
max Eagle Eye (lvl 10)
max Light Evasion (lvl 10)
max Bow Training (lvl 25)
max Long Shot (lvl 9)

Luna and DoTA lover wrote:Learn Rapid Arrow (lvl 22)

if u max it,u wont have enough SP to max other skill,buff,passive,let it be at lvl 22

The Place to lvling:
lvl 1-20-gate of alker,zakandia outpost
lvl 20-40-Tarintus,Moonblind forest,moonblind swamp
lvl 40-60-red orc outpost,howling ravine,howling cave 1f
lvl 60-80-howling cave 1f and 2f is enough to grind u until lvl 87,beleive me
lvl 85-90-ghost tree swamp,go 7 o'clock direction,ull find the lvl 9x mobs
lvl 90-95=same place like above..
lvl 95-100-same place like above,nera harbor
lvl 100-110-nera harbor,graveyard of the knight of nera
lvl 110-120=graveyards of the knights of nera
lvl 120-125-graveyards of the knights of nera

The equs i suggest u is:

Gardener's Leather Armor-reinforce with VIT(Opal) and philo in STR/eva..at least 15 STR/9 eva wud be enough
Gardener's Leather Glove-reinforce with STR(Ruby) and philo in STR/eva also..at least 15 STR/ 9eva wud be enough
Gardener's Leather Boots-reinforce with DEX(Emerald) or VIT(Opal) and philo also in STR/eva..at least 15 STR or 9 eva is enough..
(i dont recommend u to buy Vestige coz many ppl will think if they cant buy vestige,they cant follow this path..so G set is the best)

Euryale's Bow(u can get this from mistress(hornet boss) or austere grand master..but if u cant obtain/buy it,its ok)/lvl 105 crafted bow,u should reinforce the bow with Litheon(Critical Rate)becoz ur critical damage is already too high,so u need to get crits all the time,and philo them to get eva,at least 9 eva wud fit

Eros Belt
1 hathor+1 sekhmet/2 Hathors(u get the same effect of using 1 hathor+1 sekhmet,and with 2 hathors,u wont get any -20 VIT from sekhmet)
Necklace of the living body(philo in eva...at least 9 eva)
Castor + Gemini(dont worry if u dont have this...)

Chibi Goth Set (5/5 or 4/5 + KOD)
Pj set (5/5 or 4/5 + KOD)
Jack oh lantern
any glasses of passion


any costume that +15 max hp,mp and movement speed,
Chibi Gloves(or any glove that +5 STR)
Shini shoes(or any shoes that +5 STR)
King of Darkness Cloack
Jack oh Lantern
any glasses of passion


Black Widow Leader(if u cant obtain this...i suggest u use chibi set or the mixed set i suggested..)
King of Darkness Cloack
Jack oh Lantern
any glasses of passion

Job Change NPC's:
Voyager:Tierre(Rogue Union) at Alker Harbor
Archer:Tierre(Rouge Union) at Alker Harbor
Rune Walker:Andorna(Hunter Union) at Moon Blind Swamp
Arch Ranger:Cindamook(Sage) at Naila Village

At the jobs u take,u will have a passive increase of status,which can only be observed in the Character Status window...:
Critical Damage:0
Mp Regen:2
Attack Speed:1%

Critical Damage:0
Mp Regen:2
Attack Speed:3%

Rune Walker:
Critical Damage:1%
Mp Regen:6
Attack Speed:3%

Arch Ranger:
Critical Damage:1%
Mp Regen:12
Attack Speed:6%

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