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celestia luna : crtsader guide


As requested by some player I would make a guide for Crusader. Note that Crusader is a very unique class as it can deal both physical attack and magical attack to enemy. But remember this, magical attack in Luna Online are a bit unbalanced for the time being. This is because even with 10k magical attack you only deal few thousand damage to high level player compare to a 10k physical attack.

Anyway here we go

Q. What path should I go for?

A. These are the path that you need to go :

Level 1-20 Fighter > level 20-40 Warrior > level 40-75 Infantryman > level 75-105 Rune Knight > level 105 Crusader.

Q. What is the skill list if I start from that path?

A. These are the skill list you need for each of those job :

Fighter job(level 1-20)
1. Max Fighter Heart.
2. Max Crash Blow.
3. Max Uppercut.
4. Max 2H Training.
5a. Max Sword Training.

Note : 2H is the best way for leveling since you deal better damage than 1H.

Warrior job(level 20-40)
1. Max Risk Taker.
2. Max Fighter Heart.
3. Max Warrior Form.
4. Max Wheel Wind.
5. Max Crash Blow.
6. Max 2H Training.
7a. Max Sword Training.
8. Uppercut (optional)

Note : As here onward you can only use Crash Blow as your main single attack. Wheel wind are for AoE in case some of you are too lazy to wait and focus on DD xD . Uppercut is optional if you have extra SP.

Infantryman job(level 40-75)
1. Level 1 Attract Circle.
2. Max Blessing Guard.
3. Max Troopership.
4. Max Enchanced HP.
5. Max Heavy Armor Expertise.

Note : Why Infantryman? Well you need the Enchanced HP, Blessing Guard and Troopership for extra def on next job xD. You don't need the shield skill and other skill. I know its hard but its worth it.

Rune Knight job(level 75-105)
1. Max all aura's.
2. Max Burning Crash.
3. Max Earthquake.
4. Max Sword Storm.
5. Max Rune Impact.
6. Max Sword Training.
7. Max Spirit Sword.

Note: Woot! some attack skills finally xD, yes since you are 2H user so there are few new offense skills available for you.

Crusader job (level 105)
1. Max Sonic Boom.
2. Max Blunt Shield.
3. Max Thundering Death.
4. Max Doom Burst (optional).
5. Max Bloody Sky (optional).
6. Max Sword Storm (optional).
7. Max One Hand Training.
8a. Max Sword Training.
8b. Max Sword Accuracy.
9a. Max Axe Training.
9b. Max Axe Mortality.
10. Max Magic Barrier.
11. Max Solid Weapon.

Note : Yay! Congratulation for being Crusader xD. Yes as soon as you change job you need to reset your skill points. Please max those skill in Rune Knight except Burning Crash and Earthquake as you wont be using 2H weapon from now on. Also dont up any skill related to 2H weapon because you wont be using it anymore XD.

Q. I heard that Crusader is a magic type fighter. Is this ok for me to be one?

A. As I told you before, magic attack is epic fail lol. Those who focus on INT for Crusader might find it not really a good one. As a Crusader you should focus on your Patk instead of Matk.

Q. What stats should I go for a Crusader?

A. Put all on STR.

Q. D: ! Will I have enough defend if I put all on STR?

A. Yup, you will

Q. Ok then would I be able to tank in Naila Harbor at lvl 105?

A. That depend on how nice lvl 105 equip you got. A nice equip with nice philo should give you around 3.2k pdef which is enough to tank Naila Harbor monster.

Q. Ok what gear should I use then?

A. A Holy Iron Chain Knight's set never disappointed me. Here is the detail on the set :

Young Knights (Level 105)

Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Armor
Defense: 232
VIT +20
WIS +9
Sketch Only (Sketch Drops from Austere Grand Master (Boss), Wild Dementor, Tombstone, Skeleton Conjurer, Trentree)

Note: You can gain craft stats bonus when making a Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Armor (example +24 STR).

Monster Map : Grave of the Knights

Holy Iron Chain Knight's Power Gloves
Defense: 53
DEX +5
INT +11
Drop: Rose Hair, Maggot Paul

Monster Map : Huge Garden.

Holy Iron Chain Knight's Plate Boots
Defense: 57
STR +10
Drop: Mantis

Monster Map : Huge Garden.

Set Bonuses:

[2 Items]
HP Recovery +16
Physical Hit Rate +11
Move Speed +21

[Full Set]
Physical Attack +5%
Magic Attack +5%
VIT +24

(Credit to: arieskiriel from gpotato luna)

Q. So how do we PvP in Crusader?

A. Ok here it goes. Skill that you need for PvP is these :

Rune Impact > Blunt Shield > Thundering Death > Sonic Boom.

Keep repeat these 4 skill and your opponent are suffer from stun 24/7 xD

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