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celestia luna : Sword Master guide


I made this so when new players want to be a Sword Master they can view the guide here and if I recall there isn't any Sword Master guide yet. Oh and by the way, Human can be Sword Master too but this one is for Elf path and not Human path :P. Ok here we go!

Warning! This guide only work for any Luna server which the server file isn't being fixed yet. I do not guarantee if Dual Wielding(able to use shield skill without shield) doesn't work on the server you play whether if its official or non official. Use at own risk.

Q. What path should I go for?

A. These are the path that you need to go :

Level 1-20 Fighter > level 20-40 Warrior > level 40-75 Infantryman > level 75-105 Rune Knight > level 105 Sword Master.

Q. Infantryman?? Is it good to go Infantryman instead of Swordsman? and if I follow this path what skills should I go for?

A. Yes, although your only going to lose 90 crit on passive, but you can counter it with crit slime anyway. As for skills here what you need :

Fighter job(level 1-20)
1. Max Fighter Heart.
2. Max Crash Blow.
3. Max Uppercut.
4. Max 2H Training.
5a. Max Sword Training.

Note : Yes you are going to be 2H user until you enter Sword Master level.

Warrior job(level 20-40)
1. Max Risk Taker.
2. Max Fighter Heart.
3. Max Warrior Form.
4. Max Wheel Wind.
5. Max Crash Blow.
6. Max 2H Training.
7a. Max Sword Training.

Note: Crash Blow and Wheel Wind are going to be your main attack, feel free to spend other sp on other skills if you want.

Infantryman job(level 40-75)
1. Level 1 Attract Circle.
2. Max Blessing Guard.
3. Max Troopership.
4. Max Enchanced HP.

Note: Yes I know this is going to be a very difficult path to level since Infantryman doesn't offer much attack skills and mostly based on defend. But trust me its worth to get Infantryman as it will benefit you later in Sword Master level. If you found this path are so troublesome, you can go for Swordsman but later on Sword Master level you will miss few useful skills provided in Infantryman. You can spend the extra sp gained here on other skills you see fit, or save it for next job which is Rune Knight.

Rune Knight job(level 75-105)
1. Max all aura's.
2. Max Burning Crash.
3. Max Earthquake.
4. Max Sword Storm.
5. Max Rune Impact.
6. Max Sword Training.
7. Max Spirit Sword.

Note: Woot! finally some attack skills, yes since you are 2H user so there are few new offense skills available for you. At this point you able to tank enough monsters and also damage them while waiting date dungeon to be reset.

Sword Master job(level 105)
1. Max Sonic Boom.
2. Max Dual Sonic Boom.
3. Max Blunt Shield.
4. Max Rune Impact.
5. Max Fighter Heart.
6. Max Warrior Form.
7. Max Dual Wield Expertise.
8. Max Dual Wield Training.
9. Max Dual Weapon Accuracy.
10. Max Blessing Guard.
11. Max Troopership.
12. Max Risk Taker.
13. Max Shield Barrier(optional).
14. Max Sword Storm(optional for AoE leveling).
15. Max Sword Spin(optional for AoE leveling).
16. Max all aura's
17. Max Spirit Sword.
18. Max Sword Training.
19. Max Heavy Armor Expertise.
20. Max Enchanced HP (optional).
21. Max Heavy Weapon Accuracy.

Note: Congratulation on achieving Sword Master path. Yes as soon as you enter Sword Master you must use the skill reset. After that get all the skills I mention above. If you can't raise all to max, get the Sonic Boom, Rune Impact and other passive mention above.

Q. Does shield skills work with Dual Wielding?

A. Yes it does. That is why I provide the Infantryman path since you will get 2 stun skills at Sword Master level as well as Shield Barrier.

Q. What gear do you prefer for me to use and what are the stat build?

A. I recommended the Holy Iron Chain Knight gear since its an Heavy Armor gear so your defense would be boost nicely due to Heavy Armor Expertise. The stat build should be full STR on Sword Master path.

Q. What are the leveling spots you recommended?

A.The leveling spot are like this :

Level 20-40 = Tarintus, Moon Blind Forest.

Level 40-75 = Way to Howling Ravine, Howling Ravine, Howling Cave 1F/2F

Level 75-105 = Howling Cave 2F, Ghost Swamp Valley, Naila Harbor.

Note: You need to do date dungeon as well.

Q. Which npc should I talk to for the job change?

A. Here are the npc list for job change:

1. Warrior : Wiff in Alker Harbor.
2. Infantryman : Wiff in Alker Harbor.
3. Rune Knight : Celerian in Alker Harbor.
4. Sword Master : Cindamook in Naila Village.

Q. Can I pvp/pve well in Sword Master if I follow this path?

A. Yes, as for PVP, you are able to rune impact the target and follow up another stun skill with Blunt Shield. This would result a stun locking thus bully your opponent until he or she fed up. lol . As for PVE yes you should able to solo boss easily due to stun lock and for monster, you need to get Sword Storm and Sword Spin as your AoE skills.

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